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Sisterships are formed here!


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To create learning experiences that teach and challenge sister girls in areas of education, service, leadership, access and impact to build character and success through personal development.


To have our sister girls know that they belong, they are enough and that they can have great impact in their homes, schools, communities and in the world. 

Us in Action

Who are we?

African American girls  who are accepting, empowering and supporting of others. Who love to commune with others who love to read, do community service and discuss topics that affect us as a group. 


They have a desire to be a part of a sisterhood focused on developing lasting relationships and experiencing life together.

leadership academy

Sister Girls: Who Lead

Girls need to be equipped with skills to meet the challenges of everyday life and to be flexible to changing environments. We prepare participants through activities focused on developing leadership skills and by placing them in environments with professionals where they can learn and understand how to be leaders.


Sister Girls: Beyond the Book

Our very own book club. We choose our books together, we write summaries and discuss them over dinner, lunch, on a blanket in the park or via video chat. Either way, its always interesting and full of fun.


Sister Girls: Let's Talk

Being able to converse and voice your opinion is a huge part of Sister Girls and society. Communication in any type of relationship is important so we discuss a variety of topics and issues that affect our everyday lives and our futures to assist our girls with expressing themselves respectfully

and being heard.


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Talk to you soon.

life skills

Sister Girls: We Are Equipped

We all need to be equipped with skills to meet challenges of everyday life and to be able to fit in  with changing environments. We assist in developing these skills and helping to prepare our girls by putting them in appropriate spaces with professionals, 

entrepreneurs, business leaders, etc. where they can learn and understand how to use the skills in real life.

for the culture

Sister Girls: For The Culture

As African Americans in general, we have had a major impact on The Culture; this includes arts, music, theater, dance, style, and the list goes on but many of us don't get to experience these mediums outside of our community. With Sistergirls,

We Do and It's a Big Deal!


Sister Girls: In Service

It is important  to be good stewards of society and we want to help our girls to understand that giving back is important. Community Service assists in the development of life skills, it helps us to understand that sometimes you have to treat people differently, in order to be fair and it helps us to appreciate what we have. It also helps us to appreciate the hard work our parents put in to provide for us and hopefully it humbles us, which we all could use a little bit of.

Sister girls are expected to be well mannered, fun loving young ladies who think before they speak, and who consider others when making decisions. Sister girls are willing to learn how to take constructive feedback, how to agree to disagree and they are respectful of others all times. Only those who understand this ask should apply.

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