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Our Founder

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LaShawn B. Thorpe,

Founder and Executive Director, Sistergirls, Inc. & Sistergirls Social


A multi-talented native of Oxford, NC, with a passion for helping and educating others related to careers and entrepreneurship. LaShawn desires to see people from all walks of life be treated fairly, given an honest opportunity to succeed and the chance to truly live their best lives. She has achieved this previously in her role as a human resource professional in multiple organizations in Charlotte, NC, Green River, WY, and Durham, NC, and through volunteering with various organizations

Sistergirls Social is an organization dedicated to creating event experiences tailored specifically to black women and their friends. Understanding the unique needs, desires, and cultural nuances that make these events memorable and meaningful. The teams' passion lies in curating inclusive and empowering gatherings that celebrate the strength, beauty, and sisterhood of black women.

LaShawn founded Sister Girls, Inc., a nonprofit organization that aims to alleviate barriers for black girls, to help bring about a mindset that encourages community service, friendships, and a sense of self-worth, through activities and experiences. Sister Girls, Inc. has a goal of making sure that black girls have support and access to resources while sharing experiences that are sure to  spark joy and passions for their future. 


LaShawn a licensed realtor and the managing owner of The Key P.A., LLC.


LaShawn holds a master’s in public administration with a concentration in nonprofit management, a bachelor’s in political science and the HRIC Professional in Human Resources  (PHR)  Certification.

The Team

Delaine Thorpe

Board Chair

Bonnie Harley

Board Member

Kaylah Hill

Student, Board Member

Keshia Thorpe

Board Member

Shanta Thorpe

Board Member

Nicole Davis


Ny'Ombi Harrison


Tasha Williams


Tiffany Pitt

Human Resources

Aaliyah Hester

Student Member

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